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Retro Tucson Radio is optimized for Firefox and Chrome.

The streaming radio station is currently down until the end of the year. You can always view/subscribe to the Retro Tucson Radio youtube channel for up-to-date synthwave music. Don't worry, the station will be back soon!

Neon Arcade '86 live stream

Play your favorite retro game and tune-in

About Retro Tucson Radio
Ray Devine

Retro Tucson Radio, aka "Neon Arcade '86", is a dedicated synthwave music mix featuring the best modern 80's style music.

Additionally, Retro Tucson hosts its own Bulletin Board System (BBS). BBSs were the most popular way to communicate using computers before the web. They tended to be more community oriented than the web is today. Also, they were generally operated as a city hub for text gaming and local gatherings. You can experience how computing was before the web by clicking the Telnet link. Also, you can keep in touch with retro Tucson events with the sites below.

  • Telnet - Play the time tested text game Legend of the Red Dragon on BBSLink. Create an account and select External Programs from the main menu.
  • /r/retrotucson - Stay up-to-date with Retro Tucson news and events by subscribing to the /r/retrotucson reddit.
  • youtube - retrotucson & youtube channel. Up-to-date playlists of synthwave & 80s style music.
  • IRC Chat - Hang out and chat on Retro Tucson's IRC server.

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