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Welcome to the BBS door games wiki! Here you will find information about installing door games and getting external programs to work with your BBS.

The information in this wiki is a culmination of my own trials and tribulations of getting door games to work with my BBS.

Originally, I was keeping track of config information using word documents and spreadsheets. Although this was effective, it was cumbersome to search through documents to find what I was looking for. With a wiki, if there is a project that I'm working on, I can publish it and simply search for the information. Also, this information can be shared out to other Sysops and people interested in BBS software and door games.

Everything here is free to all so use it as you see fit. Any original work posted (if any) is copyrighted by the original author. Feel free to contribute something and archive it for future Sysops. I hope you find this wiki helpful and look forward to your additions!

Below, are system lists with InterBBS games:


BBS Door Configurations

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