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The streaming radio station is back up again. Enjoy!
- Retro Prophet

Neon Arcade '86 live stream
Sit back, relax, and and tune-in!

..::Synthwave - Neon Arcade '86::..
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About Neon Arcade '86 Radio
Ray Devine

Neon Arcade '86 Radio, aka "Retro Tucson Radio", is a dedicated synthwave music mix featuring the best modern 80's style music. Our job is to promote a modern adaptation of 80's music and recapture the originality, style and class of the 80's. The radio stream is DJ'd by Retro Prophet

Additionally, Neon Arcade '86 is the official radio station of the Bulletin Board System (BBS). BBS's were a popular way to communicate using computers before the internet as we know it came into existance in the mid '90's. BBS's tended to be more local community oriented and more decentralized than the internet is today. You can experience how computing was before the web by clicking the telnet link. Additional Neon Arcade '86 related social media links are below:

  • telnet - Play the time tested text game Legend of the Red Dragon on BBSLink. Create an account and select External Programs from the main menu.
  • /r/retrotucson - Stay up-to-date with Retro Tucson news and events by subscribing to the /r/retrotucson reddit.
  • youtube - Retro Prophet - "Neon Arcade '86" youtube channel. Up-to-date playlists of synthwave & 80s style music.
  • twitter - Retro Prophet twitter feed

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