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Sysop: Lith (Retro Prophet) - Retro technology enthusiast and video DJ (VDJ) specializing in 80's/Synthwave style music. Enjoy DJ'ing retro arcades, bowling alleys and retro themed events. Also, i'm interested combining old technology with new technology. An example of this is integrating BBS technology with mobile devices. Check out the sites below to follow on social media. And, if you like the BBS, drop me a line. Enjoy!


System Birthdate: August 28, 2015
System Location: Tucson, Arizona
Original BBS: EHN MUSIC - 1995-1996 / Montgomery, Alabama
Hardware: Lenovo ThinkCentre i3, 3.1 ghz (8 GB RAM)
Software: Synchronet 3.16c
Active Users: 85 (inactive accounts deleted after 365 days)
Networks: DoveNet, MusicalNet, DeveloperNet
Messages: 51229
Door Games: Local: 54
InterBBS: 164
Game Networks: BBSLink
BCR Game Server
Related Sites: File Area - web enabled collection of BBS files & utilities
/r/bbsdoorgames - BBS door game reddit
/r/retrocade - retrocade reddit
/r/retrotucson - retro news and events reddit
twitter - Retro Prophet twitter feed
youtube - Retro Prophet youtube channel

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